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TypeCon 2018 Conference Trip Report

[ The Call for Papers is out for TypeCon 2019, 28 August–1 September 2019, in Minneapolis, MN. Submission deadline has been extended to Saturday, 16 March 2019, 11:59pm EST. Read the Submission Guidelines [PDF] for useful tips. ] The 20th anniversary TypeCon (@typecon / … Continue reading

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TypeCon 2017 Conference Trip Report

TypeCon (@typecon / @typesociety) was held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 23–27 August 2017 at the Boston Park Plaza hotel. I believe attendance was around 400. Unexpected connections and overlap: Bob Colby, who founded TypeCon, attended. He’s from the Boston area. I kept thinking … Continue reading

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Inspirational talk on ADLaM—An African Alphabet Adventure

Craig Cornelius gave an introduction to the ADLaM script and its history with stories of how he got involved plus his recent attendance at the 3rd ADLaM Conference in Mamou, Guinea, 5–8 January 2018. Over 800 people attended the conference from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Mauritania and Chad to Liberia, plus Angola, Kuwait, Belgium, Spain, USA, and beyond. After Craig’s presentation, Ibrahima & Abdoulaye Barry (creators of the ADLaM script) joined in via video chat for the question and answer part of the evening. They started creating the script in 1989 when they were ages 10 and 14. Continue reading

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Survey: Opinions on Music Notation & Scores

One of my next projects will be designing quality music symbol fonts. Getting back to my roots, so to speak. My first foray into type design 20+ years ago was working on music notation software research and development projects. The … Continue reading

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1403 Vintage Mono font used in book cover design for Grantland’s sports analytics compilation book

[tweet width=”150″ align=”right”] While preparing to teach and work with some fabulous 6-12 grade movement teachers about social partner dancing at the 2014 Movement Education Week (@HealthyMovement), I heard an update from one of our typeface customers. Our 1403 Vintage Mono … Continue reading

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Font Aid VII: The Philippines — the sun glyph I submitted

In November 2013, the Society of Typographic Aficionados (@typesociety) organized Font Aid VII: The Philippines. This project will produce a symbol typeface of images based on the eight-rayed sun of the Philippine flag, submitted by type designers from around the world. Sales of … Continue reading

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IBM 1403 inspired typeface update (Vietnamese added)

I added a first pass at uppercase Vietnamese (tiếng Việt) to my IBM 1403 inspired monospace typeface. So, now, what started as a combination of the 52 characters represented by the A & H chains of the IBM 1403 printer has … Continue reading

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