Font Aid VII: The Philippines — the sun glyph I submitted

In November 2013, the Society of Typographic Aficionados (@typesociety) organized Font Aid VII: The Philippines. This project will produce a symbol typeface of images based on the eight-rayed sun of the Philippine flag, submitted by type designers from around the world. Sales of the resultant typeface will help raise funds for Philippine Red Cross (@philredcross) relief efforts after the events of Typhoon Haiyan. The typeface will eventually be available on the SOTA Store.

Over 270 designers from 45 countries submitted a glyph. Some glyph designs were shown on twitter. That link is just a twitter search for “fontaid,” so it may show posts beyond just Font Aid VII.

Though I was busy getting my Slanted Hall type foundry storefront launched and the 1403 Vintage Mono Pro typeface released, along with some other projects, I also submitted a glyph. The symbols in the middle are a quick drawing of the Tagalog word “lakas” (hopefully meaning strength) in Baybayin script. A very quick design; if I’d had more time I might have experimented further.

In 2012, I also submitted an asterisk glyph for Font Aid VI.

Jeff Kellem (@composerjk / @slantedhall)

Jeff Kellem's Font Aid VII sun glyph submission

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