Mobile Health 2012 Conference Trip Report

[ Since May 2012, I helped put together, publicize, and perform in a large theatrical dance show, attended a typography conference, organized a tribute presentation and performance for a well-known dance historian (video), have been traveling (dance workshops in Paris and Moscow), and am helping organize an invitational conference (now in its 28th year) that’ll take place in a month. Apologies for the delay in writing. Normally, I like to include a bit of narrative along with the notes. With the time delay between the conference and writing this trip report, any reasonable narrative will be missing. ]

I attended the Mobile Health 2012 conference (@texting4health and #MH2012) at Stanford, again, this year, 16-17 May 2012. It was the primary health conference that I planned to attend. Another great conference run by BJ Fogg (@bjfogg) et al.  I wrote a trip report for last year’s Mobile Health 2011.

Some useful references for this conference:

I had some good conversations with a variety of folk. Talked with Jason Hessing (@jhessing), Charlotte Smith, and Miriam Beecham of Healthwise in Boise, Idaho about their work, especially on the mobile side. Jean Kanerva of Charter Life Sciences invests in medical technology companies. Chantal Botana (@om_chanti) was taking photos with an Olympus film camera, causing a conversation to begin since I was a professional photographer (of performing musicians) in a past life, shooting high-speed film, at concerts and in rock clubs, without a flash. Talked with Hwee Chong (@hweechong) of Premera about their plans for mobile and integration of other tools. Jim Jeffers (@jimjeffers) showed his IdeaBucket iPad app.

With Kirsikka Kaipainen of VTT Technical Research Center of Finland about her research in behaviour change. Lisa Nugent, Creative Director of Johnson & Johnson, was looking for good UX and design folk, as I recall. Nice to see good design folk. Had good conversations with Erin Macartney (@emacartney) of PAMF; later, found overlap in our pasts. Talked with Julia Hu of LARK about an open data API, as I do with all medical device companies.

Some of the items that caught my ear are below:

These were just some of the notes I sketched; I didn’t always take notes.  There were other good sessions that can be seen in the presentations and videos (days 1 and 2).  If you know of other write-ups or posted presentations, let me know.  On to writing up the next trip report (for TypeCon 2012).

—Jeff Kellem (@slantedhall / @composerjk)

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